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"What an imaginative and fun book! Jennifer Cano is a new, talented author who has developed a fun-filled, imaginative world. The plot was interesting with twists and turns and had just the right pace."


David W. 

"Tightly written and wonderfully imagined--a tale of our hidden potential and the strength we draw from family and friends. Jennifer Cano brings to life a spunky tomboy heroine who faces her emerging destiny with grit, sass, and just a litte bit of fear. A delightful peek into a hidden world filled with elves, enchantments, and an education in magic.


Megan T. 

Livy Hinge leaps (without looking) into a destiny of magic, an elfin city to explore, and a world to save... if she survives her first night.

More about the Hinges

Secrets of Broams Eld

“[Cano's] debut novel is a great family read-aloud, or end-of-summer read-alone full of intrigue, humor, and heart. Compelling characters pull you though the story from beginning to end as you anxiously anticipate what will happen beyond the Hinges of Broams Eld."


Mariah F.

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If you liked Hinges of Broams Eld and you are looking for more, discover the Secrets of Broams Eld - a photo album containing secret notes, photos, and sketches from an interview with Livy Hinge. 

Hinges of Broams Eld, by Jennifer Cano

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