A Few Headlines about Kids' Community Service

St. Louis Food Rescue
This youth led group collects food from restaurants and uses it to serve the homeless

St. Louis, MO, USA

3B Brae's Brown Bags Foundation
Braeden Quinn is working passionately to raise awareness and support for hungry kids and has founded the sensation called Brae's Brown Bags

Bear, DE, USA

​2 Pairs Each
9 year old Joshua is working towards collecting 50,000 pairs of socks to give the homless in his area 2 pairs each.


East Aurora High Habitat for Humanity
This group of high school kids are using their grant money to get more students involved I habitat for humanity.

Montgomery, IL, USA

​Cans for a Cause
9 year old Sean is working to recycle 100,000 cans and bottles to get $5000 for homeless Youth center.

Beverly Hills, USA​​

​​About the Book

When elfin warriors escort Livy to Broams Eld, she discovers a world where imagination is power, tadpole soup is what’s for dinner, and trees whisper secret enchantments. There she finds not only friends, a welcome home for her dare-devil antics, and magic, but an astounding destiny to inherit—if she can survive her first night.

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From now until Halloween, I will donate 10% of my earnings to START A SNOWBALL. (Scroll down to find out how they're helping kids do great things.) 

If I reach my stretch goal of 2,000 free downloads, I'll donate another $500. That way, even during my free download week, I’ll be donating. 

From now until Halloween, I will donate 10% of my earnings. If I reach my stretch goal of 2,000 free downloads and 50 reviews, I'll donate another $500. That way, even during my free download week, I’ll be donating. 

Hinges of Broams Eld

​​​​"The imagination and creation of the magical world is riveting..."                  

​I want to do something meaningful that's connected to the theme of Hinges of Broams Eld for my book launch—a pre-teen fantasy novel about a girl (Livy Hinge) who has to save the world.

So, I'm raising money for an organization that helps kids save the world--one charitable act at a time. 

I've reviewed charities that specialize in helping kids make a difference and found Start a Snowball. This organization provides grants to kids with great ideas about how to help improve the world around them.

Go to the end of this page for some of their most recent stories—really inspiring and every bit as epic as Livy Hinge's heroics in my book.​​

Buy the Book, Help Kids Do Good

Livy Hinge thinks her biggest worries are the bully next door, the mysterious ingredients lurking in her mother’s Everything Casserole, and the tricky dilemmas her overactive imagination lands her in. But even Livy has never envisioned trees slinging splinters big as swords at her. Or falling off a giant moth five-hundred feet in the air, commanding the elements to stand still, or battling a throng of birds. And she’s certainly never been tasked with defeating an enemy bent on the destruction of her world. Until now.

It's FREE on Kindle until Halloween. Remember, if I reach my goal of 2,000 downloads and 50 reviews, I'll donate $500!

Download and Review the Book:

It's FREE on Kindle until Halloween. Remember, if I reach my goal of 2,000 downloads and 50 reviews, I'll donate $500!

Available on Amazon Kindle (FREE) and Print ($9.99)

Remember, if I reach my goal of 2,000 downloads and 50 reviews by Halloween, I'll donate $500.

Where Will the Donation Go? Meet START A SNOWBALL

START A SNOWBALL is a charitable organization that grants seed money to help kids serve the world. This is straight from their mission statement page:

Start A Snowball, Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to empowering kids to engage in philanthropy.  We realize that in order to create and foster a culture of service, we have to start with children. We want kids to start their own projects – small philanthropic endeavors that, with our help, can snowball and make a large and lasting impact. We aim to do this by providing funding for individuals and groups (classrooms, youth groups, etc.) to use as “seed money” to get their projects rolling. We also plan to do this by providing a way for kids to tell their stories of service to provide inspiration for others.  We hope that funding and showcasing these acts of kindness by our children, we can begin to create a culture that is more aware of and willing to help those in need, and inspires others to do the same.

The Mission of Start A Snowball, Inc. is the pursuit of the following principles:

  • Service: It is the responsibility of everyone, and if each one of us can help the world around us, the world would be a much better place.
  • Possibility: It is possible for one person to make an enormous difference through a seemingly small effort that can have long lasting and broad reaching impacts.
  • Support: Through offering resources and community, we can empower young people to make a huge difference in their communities.
  • Growth: As we teach children about serving others we can create a movement that can influence a generation to become a generation of givers.

Support my book launch and help kids save the world, one charitable act at a time!

Hinges of Broams Eld

Reviews from Kids

“Amazing book. Well crafted and developed, with relatable characters and lots of adventure. I was hooked from the start of this book to the last page, and can't wait for more books in the future!"

13-Year-Old Girl

"Hinges of Broams Eld is a great fantasy novel! It is full of adventure, magic, and fun. It has a clever plot line that anyone would love. I love this book so much that I wish there were more! I love all of the characters, and their different personalities. I love this book!!!!!!!!!"


"This book is a great read for people of all ages! It has a unique plot and a creative, fun storyline. I highly recommend this book."

14-Year-Old Boy

Hinges of Broams Eld, by Jennifer Cano

Available on Amazon


It's FREE on Kindle until Halloween. Remember, if I reach my goal of 2,000 downloads and 50 reviews, I'll donate $500!

Reviews from Parents​

“What an imaginative and fun book! Jennifer Cano is a new, talented author who has developed a fun-filled, imaginative world. The plot was interesting with twists and turns and had just the right pace. I normally don't read a lot in this genre, but had such a good time, I'll definitely return if Cano writes another book."

David W.

“For those of you Mama's and dad's looking for a good children's book for your kid, check out Hinges of Broams Eld. You won't be disappointed. You know a book is good when not only your kid loves it, but so do you. It's got the three secret ingredients. Magic, mystery and humor."

Katie G.

“I read my girls the first chapter, and now they're begging for chapter 2. My patience-testing 6-year-old middle child, who kept saying, 'This is BORING!' during the first few pages because she wanted me to read The Witches instead, said, 'Maybe you can read another page!' I said, 'But I thought you said it was boring.' To which she replied, 'Uh...well, it IS...but I want to know more.' " 

Megan T.

“[Cano's] debut novel is a great family read-aloud, or end-of-summer read-alone full of intrigue, humor, and heart. Compelling characters pull you though the story from beginning to end as you anxiously anticipate what will happen beyond the Hinges of Broams Eld."

Mariah F.